Collection: Adopt A Highland Cow

🌟 Welcome to the Highland Cow Adoption Experience! 🐮✨

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our “Adopt a Highland Cow” packages – a whimsical opportunity for parents to gift their little ones an extraordinary connection with our furry friends. Your adoption package includes a charming certificate of adoption, a delightful profile of your adopted Highland cow, and a cuddly keepsake that will become a treasured companion.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Get ready for an exclusive 30-minute meet and greet session with your adopted Highland cow, Iona, and her crew, perfect for up to four people. During this private encounter, you’ll be introduced to Iona, have the chance to hand-feed her (safely, with a gate between you for your peace of mind), and capture precious moments through photos. While we can’t guarantee direct petting within the pasture due to Iona’s large horns, our experienced staff will accompany you for an opportunity to get up close for some fantastic pictures.

As honorary members of the Highland cow family, adopters can even suggest names for Iona’s next calf and receive a photo once the little one arrives! Additionally, enjoy a private meet and greet with the calf when it’s safely separated from Mum – an experience that promises heart-warming moments and lasting memories.