Collection: Premium Dexter Meat Collection

Introducing Our Dexter Cattle Meat: A Premium Grade Experience

At Flavour First, we're proud to offer premium-grade meat from our cherished Dexter Cattle, a breed known for its rich Irish heritage and exceptional quality. Our Dexter Cattle, lovingly raised on our eco-friendly farm in Donaghadee, exemplify the commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Dexters are renowned for their hearty and resilient nature, a reputation they've earned over generations. Their compact size doesn't compromise on the quality of the meat; in fact, it enhances it. Dexter beef is prized for its superb marbling, ensuring each cut is tender, succulent, and packed with flavour. By exclusively grass-feeding our cattle and providing them with a natural and stress-free environment, we've created the ideal conditions for their well-being and the development of premium-grade meat. Our Dexters roam our lush pastures year-round, and in return, they naturally enrich our soil, leading to nutrient-dense and delectable beef.

The result is an offering of exceptional meat with an exquisite taste and texture. By choosing Flavour First Dexter Cattle meat, you're not just savouring the flavours of our Donaghadee farm; you're embracing a culinary experience that champions sustainability, ethical farming, and the true essence of premium-grade beef. We invite you to discover the difference that our Dexter Cattle make in every bite, knowing that each mouthful reflects the care, passion, and dedication that goes into our farm-to-table philosophy.